Kinesis K20 equipped Porsche 996 GT3: Adding Perfection to the Flawless

July 27, 2021

From the rugged to the regal, check out Jason Morabito’s dynamic duo of Stuttgart perfection.

Jason’s 996 GT3 is a shrine to the long-standing quality and performance-driven reputation of the Porsche legacy. So, it only makes sense that he chose a wheel whose reputation for quality still speaks volumes.

This K20 clad GT3 is an automotive spokesperson to the timeless design and aesthetic edge of the Kinesis code of excellence. The K20s flawlessly complement the 996 body lines and ornament the wheel wells with their unmistakable design.

“Any car that I own, it needs to be perfect. It needs to get perfect,” explains Jason regarding his choice of modifications.  

“The GT3 can be the perfect date night car, or it is a track animal,” says Jason. Surely his mantra regarding his 966 is parallel to the diverse characteristics of the Kinesis mentality: a sense of performance-oriented sophistication. It’s a wheel with a track born bloodline and a dapper disposition.

This pairing is a prime example of adding perfection to the to the flawless.